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Why am I the Back from Burnout Coach

I’m the Back from Burnout Coach because I understand what it is like to go to work every day stressed, anxious and unhappy. I started at a labor relations organization in 1998 and with the exception of a couple of “breaks” – referred to as “time off for good behavior” – I’ve been there ever since. Each time I returned to my job I was filled with excitement and high vibe energy but within a year I became anxious and stressed.

Now I understand that it was not the job that needed to change, it was me in the job that required growth. I was trying to balance work with being a wife and mother, class parent and school photographer. I didn’t know how to keep from being overwhelmed and frustrated. I felt rejected and isolated. I didn’t have the capacity to connect with people over fun things and instead I was sarcastic and more than willing to listen to all complaints and gossip. I could not comprehend people who were happy and normal.

When you are burned out it is difficult to create perspective. I continually sought release by envisioning escape – I traveled around the world on long trips – twice. Me escaping was, in truth, a fear response. The fear response is your mind plus thousands of years of ancestral survival training chiming in and telling you to run from the danger. It’s instinctual, habitual and it doesn’t work.

I am here to tell you that you do not need to change anything in your life except to understand that you can change your thoughts about your situation. The mind is just an organ and it throws out thoughts – think of your mind as the sidewalk sign twirler who is hawking the next idea. We can just drive on by and choose not to pay attention or you can decide, “Yeah, that thought works for me”.

You can choose not to believe the thoughts that your co-workers “don’t care” or are “not working hard enough.” The minute that you begin to look at things differently, you create a different response and no longer have an automatic reaction to your life. You can feel better and all those people can keep doing what they are doing. No more complaining into your glass of wine when you get home.

I’ve absolutely had moments where I sat in my car and tried to emotionally brace myself before walking into work. I have been at the place where I wasn’t sleeping, was overeating and over drinking because I hated my life— which, I felt, began with my job. These were symptoms of my dissatisfaction and my lack of ability to handle the stress.

I’ve had conversations with co-workers who have lost all belief that they are even proficient in their jobs. Sitting across from a co-worker listening to her story I realized we mirrored each other with our lack of confidence, tears and wine. We were considered “the best of the best” and had lost faith in ourselves. Stress breeds both physical and mental illness and slowly breaks down our sense of self and our bodies.

Nobody teaches us how to process stress and overwhelm. Nobody sits us down to say that you can move from thinking in circles and stressing about life to processing your thoughts and feelings– creating an intention to feel good.

Nobody teaches us how to heal.

Nobody teaches us how to create boundaries with bosses and co-workers. These are boundaries in conversations so communication is less a stream of consciousness and more of clarity and direction. I hadn’t set my own boundaries on my behavior and personal connection.

With powerful coaching and personal commitment I sought out methods that would heal my burnout and in doing so I discovered excellence. I am committed to spending the rest of my life learning and teaching methods that create healing in both mind and body. 

I support you by helping you gain perspective on your life without judgment, process your thoughts and feelings, clear your emotions, and create clarity in your life. I believe that when you are in tune with who you are – your originality, your creativity, your spirit and even your neuroses –  you are amazing. Your beauty lies in your individuality. In that individuality you will find easy boundaries for yourself and others. Positive energy can expand to create deep connection and value.

I want to help you dissolve the need for feedback from others. I want to help you stop looking for reactions from those around you and grow in response to how you feel. I want you to develop your individual power by creating your personal daily practice and trusting yourself.

Instead of running away from what you’re thinking or feeling I support you to create a strengths-based life. This is a life that is built upon your energy, clarity, values and motives. Let’s live in excellence not only in our jobs but in our personal lives!

This is where you learn how to become YOU. Then you can learn how you can grow your company, help your coworkers, and show up excellently in everything you do. This comes from an honest place and an honest sense of self. This is where we stop pretending and step into the strength and power of who we truly are.

I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery and power. Let us create your daily practice. This practice will create your foundation so that you can be who you want to be  because it’s inside of you— not being told to you by others. I can bring you back from burnout and lead you to your own path of excellence!

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