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About Andi

Hi, I am Andi Griggs and I am the Back from Burnout Coach. I teach women how to manage their minds, process their stress and create an impactful vision for their career to heal career burnout.

We have all seen women we work with buckle under stress and job dissatisfaction. Burnout rips apart self esteem, happiness, health, family and friendships. I have been there too and spent years working hard and burning out, a cycle that continued until I made the decision to not live my life in the pain of my job and career. I began the search to figure out how I could process my stress and anxiety and in the process added a richness and joy to my life I didn’t think was possible.

I made the decision ahead of time to stay at my company because I knew I didn’t want to lose my health benefits, salary, seniority, vacation and most importantly I didn’t want to lose the friendships I had with co-workers. I absolutely believed in my company’s mission and I didn’t want to start over somewhere else after having put 20+ years into the job.

Learning how to cut the mind drama, building boundaries and understanding that I am not my job was invaluable. Once I learned how to process stress and anxiety, create boundaries and recognize my own needs, I became a valuable player on the executive team.

I stepped into a clear vision of my purpose at work and I brought with me a level of excellence that could inspire others. I became the person I wanted to work with and proud of my accomplishments. I also am happier at home and have a better relationship with my husband and son because I am not thinking about work all the time. Life has better balance.

I love my job now, I have clear boundaries with my co-workers, I give more than I thought I could and yet I am energized by the opportunity. Even better than having the feeling of success from my career, I love my family and friends and I can now see amazing opportunities.

Let me support you by helping you gain perspective on your life without judgment, teach you how to process your thoughts and feelings, clear your emotions, and create clarity in your life. I believe that when you are in tune with who you are – your originality, your creativity, your spirit and you know how to manage your mind and your stress, you become unstoppable. The secret to healing burnout is our individuality. I believe it is in our individuality that will find deep community connection and self value.

If you are unhappy in your job but not ready to leave, I invite you to set an appointment and let’s look at where you are at and how I can help.