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The Program

What you get out of this program:

Release stress, frustration and overwhelm

Week #1: Welcome

To begin, Andi teaches you what burnout looks like, discusses where you are now and how best to begin reversing course on your burnout. To get the most out of our work together and how to navigate.

As you learn the foundation of the Back Fom Burnout program you begin to integrate the tools and strategies that help you heal personally and professionally and get you back on the road to professional success.

Week #2: Introduction to the Back from Burnout Coaching Method

This week provides you the information on following the BfB program and how to use the BfB Method to release resentment, build confidence and create energy in your self. By using the BfB Method you begin to understand that burnout is the symptom of greater personal disconnection with your self and that you are able to create career success.

Week #3: Your are Not Your Job.

We begin to unravel you from your job by uncovering your boundary needs, learning how to protect your energy and decrease your stress by uncovering the root of many work problems. Here is where we begin to build a routine to ease stress and anxiety.

Week #4: The Daily Genius of You

Working together we build healthy and realistic work-life balance strategies, create neutral and yet powerful personal boundaries. We ask what you want from your career, what is the value you hold? Your introspection begins to open up the possibilities that you may have not seen before.

Week #5: Building a More Conscious Version of Self

Using Meditation, Movement and Mindset strategies you’ve learned in the BFB method we begin to further integrate and master the BfB Method. You begin to develop your own working genius and self confidence and create your future goals. Learn how to bring deep meaning into your career and be happier, healthy and full of love for life.

Week #6 Your Full Potential

As you begin to evolve your connection with self you also learn how to integrate your new ideas and strategies at work while mastering your personal work rhythm and boundaries. You prepare for the day and concentrate on what you want to create. Through continuous repetition of the BFB method you transform your career into one you love.

Week #7 Full Circle: From Burnout to Excellence

The BFB Method helps you actively focus and direct your mind to create the work experience you what you want to create. By creating small shifts in your intentions you begin to change your thoughts and feelings about your career and your professional duties. As you continue to integrate the BFB strategies you show up with confidence, grace and focus which, in turn, helps co-workers begin to release their anxiety.