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Learn How To Stop Burnout!

Are you ready to enjoy your work and your life again?

Do you hate your job?

Are you stressed and overwhelmed by too much work, too little time and not enough support?

How many times have you left a job only to find a different job with the same problems as the last one? Let’s not do it again.

I was there too and I’m here to share with you that leaving your job doesn’t solve the problem.

And if you leave to travel the world, like I did (twice), without learning how to process your mental and physical stress you will be right back in the same situation.

I’m Andi Griggs, The Back from Burnout Coach, and I am here to teach you how to heal from burnout while in your job. Let’s keep your seniority, vacation accrual and your benefits while you re-discover what inspired and excited you about your career in the first place!

Let’s keep your seniority, vacation accrual and your benefits while you re-discover what inspired and excited you about your career in the first place!

The Back from Burnout Coaching Program helps you…

  • Release stress, frustration and overwhelm
  • Create clear boundaries with bosses and co-workers
  • Respond vs. React to challenges
  • Transforms your work environment
  • Stop hurting your health
  • Learn how to set your workday up for success
  • Create a solid personal routine that keeps you centered and connected with yourself

When we go to work day after day without clearing our stress, we create additional conflict in our lives by bringing stress and frustration home to family and friends.

Quitting your job doesn’t work

We quit multiple jobs in order to find a good fit. A place where we like what we do, we respect our co-workers and learn from our boss.

We lost our seniority, benefits and healthcare searching for the perfect job but what nobody tells us is that there isn’t a perfect job. There is a job and there is who we are. We try over and over to find the perfect match but it rarely happens. Hours can be too long, the boss can to too tough, the work is not interesting enough to hold our attention.

Leaving or job, going back to school or making career changes give us hope that we will someday find a job we love.

You are not your job

I am on a mission to show women how to achieve their dream career and live the life they want to live.

I teach women in today’s complicated workforce how to work smarter and in alignment with who they are and what they want

The Program

Woman in distress.


Pain, stress , anxiety, overwhelm, frustration rejection and isolation. Learn how to process these emotions through meditation, movement and mindset work.

Woman journaling on the floor.


8 weeks supporting healing and growth to clear emotions and limiting beliefs and create career clarity by engaging your boundaries and developing your confidence.

Happy woman.


Continue in your career with the tools and strategies that create personal resilience, focus and enjoyment at work and in your life

Burnout can be healed and you can have the work life you want at the same job you hate right now!

What people are saying


“If you’re looking to recharge, be inspired, & elevate this is exactly what you need.”


“Andi provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer me concrete tools, processes and plans of action to enable successful growth, change and resilience.”

~ Kristen

“Andi helped me see what I was doing that was self-limiting and she showed me how to use my future to find my current path.
She is a caring, skilled coach and communicator and with her nudges, I am on a new path today.”

Three Steps to Stop Career Burnout

Download your free copy.


About Andi

I am a certified life coach and have 30 years in the Entertainment industry. I’ve seen high level executives and their teams suffer through stress and job dissatisfaction leading to burnout.

Now I am here to coach you back from burnout!

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